Mission and Vision

FloRéal Sports Management’s Mission is to increase participation of American Football both Flag (non-contact) and contact in the UK. The sessions can be delivered within schools, after school and during holiday periods.

FloRéal Sports Management’s Vision is to work with youth from grassroots level upwards to install the ethos, skills, moral of discipline, dedication and teamwork that American football signifies. Floreal Sports recognises that American football can have a positive influence on an individual’s physical well-being. For that reason, specific programmes will include healthy eating workshops and dietary plans, to help young people develop as athletes. Overall, the services will help towards the growing recognition of American Football in the UK.

Mission & Vision

FloRéal Sports Foundation’s Mission is to support retired and current athletes by creating a charitable foundation in their chosen community or destination. The Foundations will support the communities and nurture grass root participation, by delivering a sport of the athlete’s choice.

FloRéal Sports Foundation’s Vision is to assist retired athletes from various sporting backgrounds to give back to their communities. This will support athletes with the transition from their professional careers and develop their sport within their country of origin. The athletes will be role models for the young people in the communities and provide opportunities for young people to reach their potential.