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Welcome to FloRéal Sports

FloRéal Sports has a purposeful ambition to help young people develop through our American Football coaching sessions using the Positive Youth Development framework. We also support retired athletes by enabling them to give back to the community by creating their own Foundation. In the long-term creating our own Sports Circle of Life!


Our Methodology

Our Coaching technique is based on Lerner’s Positive Youth Development Model (PYD) which uses the Five C’s: Competence, Confidence, Character, Connection, and Caringto have a positive impact on children through coaching sport.

The model focuses on the strengths of the young people and individual qualities to form a more hopeful outlook towards their future. In addition, this can motivate the young person to encourage others and contribute to the environment that benefitted them. This can enable the individual to act as a role model to those within the community.

The relationship between the structure of the model and the outcome of the individual, create the sixth C of Lerner’s theory: Contribution.

“When youth believe that they should contribute to self and context and when they act on these beliefs, they will both reflect and promote further advances in their own positive development and, also, the health of their social world (Lerner et al., 2005, p. 23).

American Flag Football is a great way to engage both boys’ and girls’ in sport and physical activity. In partnership with FloRéal Sports we have developed a number of successful youth flag football sessions within the borough. I would highly recommend FloRéal Sports and their coaches, the sessions they deliver are engaging, well organised, safe and above all fun. They cater for all abilities allowing all young people to participate and succeed in flag football. FloRéal are a great organisation to engage in partnership working!

Young Hackney

School and Youth Sport Team Leader
Year 4 and 5 had an opportunity to do flag football, we had to be in pairs and practice throwing the ball to our partners and running with the ball. I really enjoyed this because I held an American football for the first time and they taught me how to hold it properly. Coach Faz and Rani were professional and they were really good, they helped us pass the ball like experts. We are happy they are starting a new club.

Boy year 4

Donnington Primary school
Had a fantastic time learning how to play american football thank you for the opportunity

Ashley Horide 18

ActiveNewham Participants
Took park in American football sessions for the first time and absolutely loved playing

Tiffany Johnston 17

ActiveNewham Participants
Regconised by the following bodies

The "5 C"

reasons to play American Football in relation to Sports Coach UK's coaching framework


It encourages respect for societal and cultural rules, possession of standards for correct behaviours, a sense of right and wrong and integrity


Builds an internal sense of overall positive self-worth.


Helps to create positive bonds between people and institutions


Enables a greater sense of well-being and personal growth.


It installs a positive view of one’s actions with appropriate capability

Whether schools, joint venture ideas or interested sponsorship partners, FloRéal Sports would love to hear from you

Feel free to give us as much information as you like to help us fully understand your requirements